Web3 Masterclass Course
Crypto Basics: Everything you need to know about Crypto. This course covers the fundamentals of the crypto space. This includes topics such as web3, blockchain, crypto, metaverse and NFTs.


Additional Information :

Web3 Masterclass Course

By the end of this course, students will have learnt about the basics of blockchain technology, investing, trading, DeFi, NFTs, automated trading, AI and content creation.

Learning Outcomes:

  •  Understand what blockchain is, how blockchain works and Identify the types of blockchains
  • Understand fundamental Analysis of Crypto for investing
  • Be able to develop an investment strategy
  • Understand the fundamentals of trading and types of trading
  • Understand and use technical analysis
  • Understand futures trading
  • Understand why DeFi is used and how to use DeFi platforms
  • Be able to automate your own crypto strategy
  • Use AI to automate work and create businesses
  • Understand the basics of content creation


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